- Mooney Hollow Barn was established in 1932.
- The name "Mooney" was a family name that owned a farm at the top of the hollow and how the Hollow and Mooney Hollow Creek got its name.
- Mooney Hollow Barn was purchased by the Hayward family in 1976.
- Russ Hayward as part of the Mooney Hollow Boys started to use the barn for Country Western entertainment in 1977...at that time customers paid a small fee to hear the band, brought their own refreshments, and climbed a barn ladder to enter the barn while dairy cows were still housed in the barn on both sides of the ladder when you entered the barn.
  -- Kevin and Vonnie Petesch (between the age of 19-22) went to the barn dances with Vonnie's mom and dad, Joan and Leland Hingtgen. More Music Center History...

Mooney Hollow Barn Music Center & Saloon
12471 Highway 52 S.
Green Island, Iowa 52064

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